African oil production for 1962 was 296,607,288 bbl, a 65% increase over 1961. Libya increased its production by 60 million bbl while Algeria showed an increase of 39 million bbl. Most increases have been attributed to pipeline construction providing routes to markets. Gas production increased from 16.6 billion cu ft to 55.6 billion cu ft during the year. A liquefaction plant at Arzew, Algeria will enable gas to be sent to France and England. Exploration appears to be leveling off. Although a record number of exploration wells were drilled, only 20 countries were involved, compared with 22 the previous year. Seismic, surface geology and gravity work all showed decreases. Significant oil discoveries were made in the already important Sirte basin of Libya. Rhourde el Baguel in Algeria was probably the most important African off discovery of 1962. The first year of independence for Algeria caused only a slight decline in oil production there. In the Spanish Sahara, lack of success has greatly decreased interest in drilling. In Gabon only one of 8 offshore wells was a commercial producer.

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