The total number of wells drilled in West Virginia in 1962, reported to Feb. 22, 1963, was 1557, an increase of 168, or 12.10%. Permits to drill or deepen issued by the Oil and Gas Division of the West Virginia Dept. of Mines totaled 1649, an increase of 177, or 5.03%. Two hundred sixty-three permits to drill were canceled during the year, mostly permits issued previous to 1962. Dropped from the list of wells uncompleted at the end of the year were many locations carried from year to year but completed with no record of when completed or the results. Abandoned during the year were 83 gas wells and 147 oil wells, or a total of 230 wells. These abandonments are all wells drilled before permits were required (May 1929). No information as to the exact number of abandonments of wells drilled since May 1929 is available as these wells are abandoned under original drilling permit numbers. Wells completed were: gas, 870; oil, 101; oil and gas wells, 329; storage, water-injection, brine, rock salt, and pressure wells, 58; dry holes, 199; total 1557. Preliminary estimates of production for 1962: gas, 253,400,000 MCF, compared with 248,400,000 MCF in 1961, an increase of 5,000,000 MCF, or 2+%; oil, 3,470,000 bbls, an increase of 710,000 bbls over the 1961 estimate (2,760,000 bbls), or 25.7%. Possibly 38,000,000 M went to storage. Gas is stored in West Virginia from 4 other states. The estimated number of producing wells at the end of 1962: gas, 18,277; oil, 12,880. The table of operations gives statistics by counties.

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