Most of the oil and gas activity of the Utah-Nevada district is concentrated in the Uinta and Paradox basins and in the Book Cliffs-Uncompahgre area. Exploratory drilling decreased from 122 to 118 wells in Utah, and from 13 to 12 in Nevada, during 1962. Total Utah footage in 1962 was 630,096 ft compared with 736,223 ft drilled in 1961. No new discoveries were added in Nevada. In Utah, the 1962 success ratio of 23.7% was a decided increase over the 17.2% of 1961, attributable to additional drilling in the Uinta basin. Development drilling continued to increase with a gain of 14.0% over that of 1961. Production was down 2.3% from 1961, while gas production increased 23.7% due to the completion of the gas pipeline from the Uinta basin and the Book Cliffs. 1962 oil discoveries should encourage further exploration.

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