The Louisiana Gulf Coast consists of the 38 southern parishes and the 16 continental shelf areas offshore. Oil and gas production is obtained from sediments ranging in age from Cretaceous to Pleistocene. The 2236 development and exploratory wells drilled in 1962 are 2.3% more than were drilled in 1961. Of the 600 exploratory wells, 17.0% were successful. For the first time in several years the Southwest District was the most active in exploratory drilling, Of the 43 new-field discoveries (27 onshore, 16 offshore) the most important are: Money Island, Cameron Parish; Mud Point, Vermillion Parish; Block 112 field, Main Pass Area; Block 225 field, Block 229 field, West Cameron Area; and Block 41 field, West Delta Area. The most important of the 240 new pools and extensions include Couquille Bay field, Plaquemines Parish; Eloi Bay field, St. Barnard Parish; and Lake Barre field, Terrebone Parish. Geophysical activity showed a slight increase for the first time in several years. Leasing continued to be very active but scattered. In general, 1962 compared favorably with 1961 and preceding years.

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