There were 4136 wells drilled for oil or gas in Kansas in 1962, reflecting a decrease in activity from 1961. Deducting 926 wells in the shallow stripper area of southeastern Kansas, the total becomes 3210. Forty-eight percent of the latter tests were successful, the success ratio being lower than the previous year by one percentage point. Nine hundred ninety-four exploratory tests were drilled in Kansas in 1962 and resulted in 119 oil discoveries, 26 gas discoveries, 1 condensate discovery, and 807 dry holes. Extensions to oil pools numbered 34, and there were 7 extensions to gas pools. Total exploratory activity was reduced by 171 tests compared with 1961. Available information indicates that 10 exploratory tests were drilled in Nebraska E. of the 98th meridian, and 8 in Missouri. None were successful. No exploratory test was drilled in Iowa in 1962.

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