In 1957 a decline began in the demand for petroleum geologists and geophysicists, because companies felt that oil and gas exploration was not paying off sufficiently. The number of geologists graduating from universities began to decline and has continued to do so to the present time. This created a lack of geologists to fill the available jobs, consequently the demand has increased somewhat. This increase in demand is expected to raise the number of graduating geologists of 1964. Interviews with major oil companies indicate that they will replace an average of 93% of all vacancies occurring in the next 3 years. Further information indicates that on the average, major oil companies prefer men with a B. S. or M. S. degree and no experience for geologists, and a B. S. or M. S. with or without experience for geophysicists. In general the demand for geologists and geophysicists is expected to increase in the next few years, particularly those with M. S. and Ph. D. degrees.

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