The Nashville dome, a swelling on the Cincinnati arch, crosses Tennessee and curves westward to a buried connection with the Ozark dome at the edge of the Mississippi Embayment. Swelling of the Nashville dome is known from Early Ordovician until mid-Tertiary, and it is likely that both earlier and late movements occurred. Total cumulative swelling since Early Ordovician is about 850 ft. Of this, about 100 ft occurred after burial of the Knox Dolomite and before deposition of the Middle Ordovician Nashville Group; 200 ft from late in the Middle Ordovician until deposition of the Chattanooga Shale (Upper Devonian); 250 ft from Chattanooga until earliest Pennsylvanian; 100 ft sometime before Middle Cretaceous; and 150 ft after Middle Cretaceous and probably after middle Eocene.

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