Approximately 8450 ft of polymetamorphic late Precambrian strata are exposed at Heusser Mountain in the central northern Egan Range, Nevada. These rocks were regionally metamorphosed to slates, argillites, phyllites, metasiltstones, and quartzites; they were later contact-metamorphosed to grades as high as the biotite-zone by a quartz monzonite intrusion. Described herein are 7 conformable formations (lettered B through H). They seem to correlate fairly well lithologically with units described by Misch and Hazzard from the Snake and Schell Creek ranges, and by Fritz from the northern Egan Range. Regional relations between the Precambrian rocks and the Lower Cambrian Prospect Mountain Quartzite (Restricted) suggest a disconformity at the top of the Precambrian section.

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