Oil production in the noncommunist countries of the Far East during 1961 has shown little change from that of 1960, 196 million bbls. compared with 195 million bbls. in 1960. However, it is quite likely that Communist China has produced oil in larger quantities from the Szechwan fields, increasing its annual oil production by approximately 7 million bbls. Exploration activities have been stepped up in the Philippines and have been carried on at a high rate in Japan, Practically all exploration activities have ceased in Indonesia and development work has been curtailed. Production of natural gas has been increased by 30% in Japan during 1961 over the 1960 production and by 50% during 1961 in Taiwan. Reported gas production in the Far East, except Australia, during 1961 has reached an annual figure of more than 52 billion cu. ft. and with completion of a new pipeline across Japan gas production should increase rapidly.

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