Washington: Twelve exploratory wells were drilled. None was successful. Total exploratory footage was 49,893. Oregon: One well, an unsuccessful 9579-ft. test, was drilled. California: Four hundred twenty-four exploratory wells were drilled in California in 1961, 5 less than in 1960. Total exploratory footage was 2,508,980, an increase of 67,869 ft. over 1960. The average depth per well was 5917 ft. vs. 5690 ft. per well in 1960. Fourteen new fields, 6 oil and 8 gas; and 30 pools, 11 oil and 19 gas, were discovered. Exploration was 14.4% and 15.2% successful as to wells and footage respectively, compared with 16.3% and 19.3% in 1960. Total number of well completions including development drilling was 2201, up 373 from 1960. Crude oil production in 1961 was 298 million bbls., down 2% from 1960. Natural gas production was 539 billion CF, and production of gas liquids was 27.5 million bbls. Basement was reached in 31 unsuccessful exploratory wells. There were 36 active exploratory wells at the end of the year.

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