The first vertebrate fossils found in the type are of the Almy Formation of Veatch date the lower par of the formation as early Eocene in age. The identifiable fossils, all teeth, are inconclusive alone but a fauna are surely early Eocene. Veatch divided the Wasatch Group in the Evanston, Wyoming, area into the Almy Formation below, the Fowkes Formation in the middle, and the Knight Formation unconformably above. The Knight Formation in Fossil basin is early Eocene in age; the Fowkes Formation does not separate the Almy and Knight, but overlies both. Both units are similar in composition in their type areas, and differences in conglomeratic lenses seem to be facies differences dependent on lateral position relative to the basin's margins, rather than vertical position. Furthermore, limestone beds of the Green River Formation of Eocene age intertongue with stratigraphically higher parts of both units, suggesting that the 2 units occupy stratigraphically similar positions. The Almy Formation of Schultz near La Barge includes 2 units, one of which is at least partly of late Paleocene age.

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