The Munson Creek fault and its southern branch, the Tule Creek fault, are about halfway between the Big Pine fault on the N. and the Santa Ynez fault on the S. These latter 2 faults bound an intensely deformed tectonic belt intermediate between the Coast Range province at the N. and the Transverse Range province at the S. The western part of the Munson Creek fault transects part of this transitional belt and is nearly aligned with the eastern part of the Big Pine fault and western part of the San Ynez fault. All these faults show left-lateral movement, suggesting the existence of a transcurrent shear zone within basement rocks which underlie the thick cover of Miocene to Cretaceous sedimentary rocks broken by these faults. The Garlock fault may be the part of this shear zone NE. of the San Andreas fault. Westward the shear zone approaches and is aligned with the Murray fracture zone which has been traced 1800 mi. across the Pacific Ocean.

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