Discussion of GeoScience Abstracts 3-1133. The equivalence of the San Andres dolomite of the Central Basin platform and shelf areas with the Blaine and Dog Creek of the Panhandle, southeastern Colorado, and Kansas seems certain. Perrinites occurs in the lower part of the upper San Andres. In the Permian basin, beds which can be traced (in the subsurface) into typical San Andres dolomite contain fusulinids which apparently are Guadalupian in age. The chart shows the Abo as essentially confined to the Wolfcamp. R.E. King and Lloyd correlated the red and green shales of the lower Leonard in (SE.) New Mexico with the type Abo, although admitting that these shales might extend down into the Wolfcamp. The subsurface correlation (based on widely scattered oil tests) seems obvious as far westward as the eastern flank of the Pedernal uplift. From here (N.-) W. to the type locality in Abo Canyon, the correlation is uncertain.

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