Petroleum production in the Middle East countries in 1960 totalled 1,924,469,000 bbls., an average of 5,258,112 b/d. This figure shows an increase over 1959 in which year total production was 1,678,553,000 bbls.—an average of 4,598,606 b/d.

Production in Pakistan in 1960 totalled 2,639,000 bbls., an average of 7,210 b/d. This compares with with a total of 2,335,000 bbls. in 1959—an average of 6,398 b/d.

Production in India during 1960 is estimated to have totalled 3,367,000 bbls., an average of 9,200 b/d. This is slightly below the estimated total production of 3,467,000 bbls. in 1959—an average of 9,500 b/d.

Decreases in exploration acreage held were noted in Turkey, Pakistan, India, and the Hadhramaut. The license position remained substantially unchanged in most other countries.

Important discoveries were made during 1960 in the Kuwait-Saudi Arabia offshore area and in the Iranian offshore area. Other discoveries were made in Turkey at Bulgurdag, in India at Ankleshwar, in Israel at Negba, and in the Qatar offshore area. An unassessed discovery is reported from Afghanistan.

In general, the exploratory effort remained at about the 1959 level throughout most of the area under review.

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