Distinctive Late Cretaceous foraminiferal microfaunas are present in shale beds of the Matanuska Formation in the Squaw Creek-Nelchina River area, south-central Alaska. Numerous species of Foraminifera and a few ostracods have been found in many surface and subsurface samples from the formation. Calcareous species, about half of which are lagenids, greatly exceed the agglutinate species, but agglutinate specimens are very abundant. Many of the Foraminifera are the same as or very similar to species found in rocks of Senonian age in Europe and in formations of Austin, Taylor, and Navarro age in the Gulf Coast states, and in more or less equivalent rocks in California. Most of the species are of Campanian age, but correlations with other areas suggest that the sequence may range from late Turonian to the Maestrichtian Stage. Of about 74 species of Foraminifera identified in the Matanuska fauna, 38 of the more diagnostic are summarized here; five tentative microfossil zones are indicated.

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