Exploratory drilling decreased 14.7% in Oklahoma during 1959 with 21.5% success; development drilling decreased 18.1% with 66.9% success. Significant new-field discoveries include the North Oakwood in Dewey County, the Squaw Creek of Blaine County, an unnamed Hunton field in northern Custer County, the North Orr of Carter County, and the South Holly Creek of McCurtain County.

Improved structural and stratigraphic analysis continues to account for a high exploratory success ratio. This, in turn, has encouraged additional leasing until an all-time high of approximately 65% of the state is under lease.

Seismic activity has increased slightly as compared with previous years. Secondary recovery and production from unallocated “stripper” oil fields continue to account for more than half the oil produced in the state. New types of recovery seem to insure an increasing source of secondary production.

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