The writer has made the following additions and corrections to the stratigraphy of the Deep Creek Mountains, Utah, as it was originally outlined by Nolan in 1935. 1. The Prospect Mountain quartzite has been restricted and a new formation, the Goshute Canyon formation, proposed for the lower half of what was formerly called the Prospect Mountain. 2. The name Cabin shale has been dropped in favor of Pioche shale. 3. The reported unconformity between the Hicks formation and the Chokecherry dolostone, supposed to mark the Cambro-Ordovician boundary, is nonexistent. 4. The Cambro-Ordovician boundary lies within the Chokecherry dolostone at the change from thick-bedded to thin-bedded rocks. 5. The lower third of the Chokecherry dolostone is Late Cambrian in age. The upper part is Early Ordovician in age, containing fossils as young as Black Rock age. Except as noted, the Cambrian through Devonian stratigraphy as outlined by Nolan is substantiated by this study.

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