Upper Cretaceous beds near the town of Pescadero in San Mateo County are named the Pigeon Point formation. The Pigeon Point crops out in a belt less than 2 mi. wide which extends from Pescadero Point S. to midway between Franklin Point and Ano Nuevo Point, a distance of approximately 10 mi. The rocks exposed in the coastal cliffs in the above area constitute the type section. The thickness of the formation probably exceeds 8,500 ft. The beds consist mainly of brown and greenish gray sandstone with some siltstone, mudstone, and conglomerate. On the basis of mollusks, including ammonites, and Foraminifera, the Pigeon Point formation is in part Campanian in age and probably younger. In no way - fauna, lithology, thickness or age - does the Pigeon Point resemble the type Chico formation.

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