Three important components for attainment of editorial excellence in the Bulletin are: the author, the editorial board, and the reader. With few exceptions, all are members of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists, dedicated primarily to the discovery and production of petroleum, and secondarily to the publication of a Bulletin which fairly represents their professional activities. By following several simple suggestions concerning the mechanies of articles, through the use of concise English and well-planned illustrations, by exercising care in the preparation of clean type-script, and, most importantly, by having a topic of interest to the wide readership of the Bulletin, the author submitting an article for publication in the Bulletin succeeds in attaining rapid and efficient editorial supervision of his manuscript, early publication, and wide reader acceptance of his contribution. The continued wide acceptance of the Bulletin as a publication medium dedicated to the petroleum geologist and his supporting colleagues is entirely dependent upon the excellence of the author's product and care in editorial supervision, followed by wide reader perusal, Manuscripts submitted to the editorial board may take one of several routes devised to aid both the writer and the editors in reaching accord as to acceptability of the contribution for the benefit of the greatest number of readers.

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