The discovery well, the West Australian Petroleum Pty. Ltd. Rough Range No. 1, is in the northwestern part of the large Carnarvon basin which contains marine sediments ranging from Middle Devonian to Miocene. One major and several minor unconformities are known in the basin. An outline of the stratigraphy and structure is given with a brief statement on the source, reservoir beds, and cap rocks. The source of the oil is considered and future prospective areas for production from the sand are outlined.

This is the first significant flow of oil on the Australian continent encountered by the first deep test in this basin. The flow is reported as 500 barrels a day of 40° A.P.I. oil. Total Paleozoic thickness in the basin is 20,000–30,000 feet, overlain by 3,500 feet of Cretaceous and Tertiary. The source rock may be Middle Permian.

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