The South Canyon Creek dolomite member of the Maroon formation crops out at many places from South Canyon Creek, which is 412 miles west of Glenwood Springs, Colorado, northwestward for 22 miles. The thickness of the member ranges from 112 feet to 613 feet. The member commonly consists of a basal unit of medium gray, very fine-grained dolomite; a middle unit of light gray to light buff, dense dolomite; and a top unit, 1 foot or less thick, of thinly laminated fossiliferous limestone having an undulatory or wavy structure, suggesting an algal origin. A preliminary study of the fossils collected from the member has yielded a tentative list of 24 forms, comprising 19 pelecypods, 2 scaphopods, and 3 gastropods. The fauna appears to be a Permian one of Phosphoria age.

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