In 1947, 1,343 wells were drilled. The 1946 total was 1,000 wells. Drilling activity in the two states thus increased by 34 per cent. Two hundred and thirty-seven wildcat wells were drilled; of this number, 76 were drilled in Arkansas and 161 in North Louisiana. In 1946, 172 wildcats were drilled, of which 55 were in Arkansas and 117 in North Louisiana. Wildcatting activity in 1947 increased 37 per cent over 1946.

In Arkansas 4 new oil fields were discovered. In addition 1 new distillate field, 11 new oil zones in old fields, and 2 new distillate zones in old fields were found. There were no new gas fields. In North Louisiana 5 new oil fields, 4 new gas fields, and 2 new distillate fields were discovered. Four new oil zones in old fields, 1 new gas zone in an old field, and 1 new distillate zone in an old field were found in North Louisiana. New fields and new pay zones totaled 35 for the area. This is comparable with 26 in 1946.

Oil production in Arkansas and North Louisiana totaled 69,207,010 barrels, an increase of 7,564,868 barrels over 1946.

Geophysical activity in Arkansas totaled 705 crew weeks, with the seismograph contributing 368 weeks and the gravity meter 188 weeks. In North Louisiana crew weeks totaled 1,281 with 718 weeks of seismic exploration and 510 weeks of gravity-meter exploration. Total crew weeks for both states in 1947 was 1,986. The 1946 total was 2,249.

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