The subsurface Lower Cretaceous (Comanche) of the East Texas basin is divided into formations by electric logs and microfossils. The Maness shale, post-Buda in age and highest known Comanche formation, is described. It occurs near the center of the basin and is unknown at the outcrop. Beneath it is the Buda limestone, which is thin or absent at the outcrop in northeast Texas, except at a few localities where it is present as outliers. A Buda outlier is described on the Hill-Johnson County line and another outlier in Denton County contains Budaiceras and other fossils so far known only from the Buda. The beveled top of the Comanche in this area constitutes a widespread unconformity, which is definite near the east, north, and west margins of this basin, but near the center of the basin the existence of an unconformity is unproved. The overlying basal Woodbine (“Dexter beds” of R. T. Hill) contains ammonites none of which is known in the Lower Cretaceous (Comanche).

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