The Nye-Bowler zone of faulting and folding, which has been mapped for a distance of 56 miles, east-southeastward, across the northern end of the Bighorn Basin, apparently has been produced by the adjustment of surface strata to vertical and lateral movements along a subsurface basement fault.

On the assumption that the beginning of activity along the Nye-Bowler lineament marked the start of Laramide tectonic activity in the Beartooth Mountain block, it is believed that, in the vicinity of Nye, the Laramide orogeny began during the deposition of the Judith River formation. The chronological development of the structural features along the lineament is described in five stages, and descriptions are also given of the outcropping sedimentary formations, which range in age from the Pennsylvanian Tensleep sandstone to the Eocene “Wasatch” formation.

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