The writer outlines the principal characteristics of the physiographic provinces of Mexico, using in general what has been published in the vast geologic and mining literature on the country, supplemented with his personal observations. He expresses the idea that several of the physiographic units should be subdivided into several more sub-provinces, but data are not available to establish proper boundaries.

Certain areas, as for instance the Gulf Coast sub-provinces, should be described with more detail, in view of their economic importance, but much information was omitted in order to retain uniformity in the description of each province.

The writer thinks that some of his statements may be too advanced, considering the present available information or his incomplete personal observations; thus, these points may be subjected to criticism.

The so-called Province of the Valley of Oaxaca seems too small to mention with the much larger physiographic provinces, but its location and characteristics justify its consideration in the general scheme.

The boundaries of each province may not be entirely correct, especially when traced on a large-scale map of Mexico, because of the many natural irregularities of the boundary line of each province and the gradual merging of one into another.

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