Boggy Creek salt dome is located near the axis of the East Texas geosyncline in Anderson and Cherokee counties. It is of interest principally because it is the only interior salt dome in East Texas or Louisiana on which an oil field has been developed. Surface geology first attracted attention to this area, and later exploration was carried on by core tests and geophysical work.

This dome has many of the physiographic and structural features characteristic of other interior domes, but is unusual in shape, size, and other respects. A structurally low central area is found on top of the dome. Faulting is present near the south end of the uplift.

The salt movement probably occurred contemporaneously with that of other East Texas domes, being most pronounced between middle Wilcox and Carrizo times. In the central and northern portions of the dome, salt movement also occurred after the deposition of the Lower Claiborne beds.

Oil and gas is produced from the Woodbine formation in a long, narrow area on the southeast flank of the dome. The oil-producing area contains about 200 acres and the gas area about 50 acres. Present average daily production is about 1,000 barrels. Ultimate recovery from this field is not expected to exceed 4,000,000 barrels.

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