Sedimentology is a key technical discipline in the energy and resource industry. One of its greatest benefits is in the detailed description and interpretation of full-diameter core as well as wellbore cutting samples. Such information adds significant value to hydrocarbon exploration and development by providing the basis for determining reservoir characterization and constructing precise subsurface stratigraphic models. Typically, such information is gathered in a hand-drawn format and/or produced in a computer-aided graphic illustration software format. Although this information is invaluable, it is hard to come by due to associated costs, and when available, it is limited to the above formats. The work presented herein proposes a novel approach to digitize the information contained within graphic logs. The digitized data are captured in a manner that allows it to be mapped into various other software. Hence, adopting such an approach provides unprecedented value in terms of harvesting sedimentological and petrographic data and integrating them into various other fields.

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