A range of ultimate recoveries of oil pools at high water cuts of greater than 0.9 is proposed to determine quantitatively ultimate potentials of old oil pools: 10% of original oil-in-place is used to define the lower limit, and 30% of cumulative output the upper limit. The actual recoveries of the oil pools should be between these two limits. The lower and upper limits of the ultimate recoveries are calculated and documented, respectively, for four oil pools in Alberta, Canada: the Redwater Leduc oil pool (7.4–121.9 million bbl), the Fenn-Big Valley Nisku oil pool (35.5–78.9 million bbl of oil), the Wayne-Rosedale Nisku oil pool (0.5–0.7 million bbl), and the Bashaw Nisku B oil pool (0.7–1.2 million bbl of oil) as well as the Leduc-Woodbend Leduc A oil pool (23.6–65.1 million bbl of oil) as a new example.

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