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Subtle lithofacies variations in a mudstone-dominated succession are described using combined optical, electron-optical (backscattered electron imagery), and electrofacies methods. In this study, 110 samples were collected from Upper Jurassic strata from the North Sea. Within this interval, seven lithofacies are described: clay-rich mudstones, silt-rich mudstones, sand-rich mudstones, laminated mud-stones, nannoplankton-rich mudstones, concretionary carbonate rocks, and muddy sandstones. These are composed of clay minerals, organic matter, pyrite, quartz, feldspars, and carbonate cements and have characteristic wireline-log signatures (gamma-ray, neutron-porosity, and density logs). The data demon-strate that in these relatively monotonous, mudstone-dominated successions: (1) mudstone lithofacies vary greatly, particularly with respect...

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