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Name: Riachuelo and Continguiba carbonate systems, Sergipe basin

Authors: Eduardo A. M. Koutsoukos, Nivaldo Destro, Nilo C. de Azambuja Filho, and Adali Ricardo Spadini

Location: From 9° to 11 ° 30' south latitude and 35° 30' to 37° west longitude, Sergipe, northeastern Brazil

Geologic time interval: Middle Cretaceous, late Aptian–early Coniacian (Epicheloniceras sp-Diadochoceras sp.–Eodouvilleiceras sp. zone to the Solgerites armatus–Prionocycloceras lenti zone)

Tectonic-sedimentary setting: Formed by a series of half-grabens with a regional dip averaging 10–15° to the southeast, resulting from normal faults arranged in a northeast-southwest direction

Basin type: Atlantic-type passive marginal basin

Paleoclimate: Dominantly dry, semi-arid, tropical...

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