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Hydrocarbon shows have been known in northern Turkey for more than 100 years. Close to the Black Sea, several source rock units, mainly from outcrops but also from wells, have been tested for source rock potential. Organic geochemical studies on subsurface and surface samples indicate that there are several potential hydrocarbon source rock units in the region: the Kartal Formation (Early Devonian), Yilanli Formation (Middle Devonian–Early Carboniferous), Alacaagzi and Zonguldak Formations (Carboniferous), Himmetpaga Formation (Middle Jurassic), (Çağlayan and Ülüs Formations (Cretaceous), Yemişliçay Formation (Late Cretaceous) and Kusuri Formation (Eocene). The Zonguldak and Himmetpaga formations are composed of predominantly gas-prone...

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