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The 500-km-long Eastern Pontide belt shows several common Stratigraphic features resulting from a common Mesozoic-Tertiary tectonic history. There is a heterogeneous pre-Jurassic basement comprised of Devonian? high-grade metamorphic rocks, Lower Carboniferous granodiorites and dacites, Upper Carboniferous-Lower Permian shallow-marine to terrigeneous sedimentary rocks and an allochthonous Permo-Triassic metabasite-phyllite-marble unit. The Mesozoic sedimentary sequence starts with a widespread Liassic marine transgression coming from the south. The Lower and Middle Jurassic rocks of the Eastern Pontides make up a 2000-m-thick sequence of tuff, pyroclastic rock, lava, and interbedded clastic sedimentary rock; the volcanism is proba-bly related to rifting leading to the opening...

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