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Lake Olorgesailie was one of several large paleolakes known to have existed in the Kenya Rift Valley during the Pleistocene. The Olorgesailie Basin coversan area of about 100 km in the southern Kenya Rift,25 km northeast of Lake Magadi (Figure 1). TheOlorgesailie Formation includes a wide range of lacustrine, fluvial, and colluvial sedimentary rocks.Gregory (1921) first described the deposits from the area, which he attributed to a Miocene "Lake Kamasia."In 1943 Louis and Mary Leakey discoveredabundant Acheulian hand axes in the deposits(Leakey, 1952), which led to further archeologicalstudies by Isaac (1968), and more recently by Potts(1989, 1994). Shackleton (1955,...

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