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Pleistocene carbonate lacustrine deposits are locatedin the Sulmona Basin, which is 150 km to the northnortheast of Rome (eastern part of the Apennines chain,Abruzzi area, central Italy, see Figure 1). The Apenninesis a collisional fold and thrust belt developed along the Burdigalian trough since early Pliocene along the Adriaticensialic microplate in response to west dipping subduction(Royden et al., 1987; Cipollari and Cosentino,1996). The central Apennines chain consists of a Mesozoic-Tertiary stack of northeastly verging folds and south westerly-dipping thrust systems, juxtaposed with ramp and basinal sequences of the same age as well aspiggy-back flysch basins of Messinian to early...

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