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The Teruel graben, up to 15 km wide, extends more than 100 km and cuts across the central part of the northwest-southeast compressional Alpine IberianChain (Figure 1). A detachment level within this chain is formed by thick Upper Triassic evaporitic andlutitic formations that separate two different structurallevels:the Hercynian basement (with a Permian-Lower Triassic thin covering) and a thickJurassic-Paleogene carbonate-dominated cover. The Teruel graben displays en echelon north-northeast south-southwest oriented faults and a half-grabenstructure with hanging-wall subsidence westward of each fault and footwall uplift eastward of each fault(Moissenet, 1980; Anad6n and Moissenet, 1990). This graben is the result of the...

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