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Sixteen time interval maps were constructed that depict the latest Precambrian to Neogene plate-tectonic configuration, paleogeography, and lithofacies of the circum-Carpathian area. The plate-tectonic model used was based on PLATES and PALEOMAP software.

The supercontinent Pannotia was assembled during the latest Precambrian as a result of the Pan-African and Cadomian orogenies. All Precambrian terranes in the circum-Carpathian realm belonged to the supercontinent Pannotia, which, during the latest Precambrian–earliest Cambrian, was divided into Gondwana, Laurentia, and Baltica. The split of Gondwana during the Paleozoic caused the origin of the Avalonian and then Gothic terranes. The subsequent collision of these terranes...

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